User Error: Hot Chocolate Cookies

Pin Reaper: Shawna Bell

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Hot Chocolate Cookies inspiration

What I Did: I converted cocoa (at the advice of Frugal Living blog) in lieu of chocolate chips since I didn’t have any on hand. My conversion accidentally used three times the sugar and shortening that was required. Math is hard.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Hot Chocolate Cookies result

Next Time I Will: Next time I’ll run to the store instead of trying substitutes. My cookie pancakes could run a small diesel engine and ended up in the trash.

Pinterest Fail Hot Chocolate Cookies storyboard


  1. St. Croix Soy Candle

    I’ve had this happen to me before too – conversion and substitution not working. But these cookies look good enough to try again.

  2. Michelle

    I have successfully made these. They were good but time consuming and expensive.

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