WIN: DIY Gravity Cake

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Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail DIY Gravity Cake inspiration

What I Did: This was a Pinterest PASS! Yes, those actual exist. Somethings on Pinterest work 🙂 I followed the exact instructions and the cake turned out so delicious, but a bit heavy on the calories 😉

My Result:

Pinterest Fail DIY Gravity Cake result

Next Time I Will: remember to cool the melted chocolate a bit because when the m&m’s and Maltesers are applied, the chocolate needs to be somewhat cool otherwise the m&m’s and Maltesers will just slide off as you place them to “float”.

Pinterest Fail DIY Gravity Cake storyboard


  1. Jake

    That’s so cool!!

  2. Elle

    Totally cool. I would not have even attempted this one, it looks intimidating. Nicely done!

  3. Jen

    Hmm, I wonder if adhering the chocolates with a dab of royal icing would have worked?

  4. Anonymous

    I swear if I even tried that (which I WILL NOT) I would probably either eat the candy before I got a chance to show anyone or take a picture, somehow make the cake fall down or, do it wrong and say it was great even though I know my cake is a disaster.
    So in my reality you did better than I could ever do at any age.

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