Fail: Baby Photo Rabbit Costume

Pin Reaper: Ashley Elmore

Original Inspiration:   


Pinterest Fail Baby Photo Rabbit Costume inspiration

What I Did: I have wanted to take a photo of our son dressed as a white rabbit since he was born because of a story my dad LOVES by Edward Hays! He has white rabbits all throughout his decor, and I thought a large photo of our baby dressed as one would make a perfect gift!! I found an outfit on Etsy and found ideas on Pinterest. It all seemed easy, until I actually tried it! Lol!!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Baby Photo Rabbit Costume result

Next Time I Will: try doing it when he is less upset from teething and a lack of good daytime naps.

Pinterest Fail Baby Photo Rabbit Costume storyboard


  1. AIP

    Well, leaving aside the tired, cranky toddler who’s in pain, the image itself isn’t the worst of these things. Try to position the camera a little more carefully so that you’re not cutting off feet/hands/top of the head while leaving in lots of plain background, and perhaps a bit more directional light (a blue-toned LED light on a desk-lamp for example. Don’t use yellow fluorescent – CFL- or greenish tungsten, as they will give him an unflattering cast.)
    If you’re using your phone or a basic point-and-shoot, and it has options try selecting the Portrait (the one that looks like a face) or maybe even macro is he’s being very still, as it’ll blur out more of the background. If he’s jiggling try it another day, but Sport (the running man symbol) will help you determine if the light and composition is right at least. If you can choose the focus, focus on his face and ideally his eyes. The best of luck! 🙂

  2. K.

    The inspiration was done by a professional photographer with professional equipment and photoshop. Getting a photo to turn out that nice is very difficult for the typical “amateur.” If you have your heart set on a specific image, it’s probably best to go with a professional instead of trying it DIY style.

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