Fail: Avocado Egg Rolls

Pin Reaper: Amber

Original Inspiration:  /pin/175992297916457125/

Pinterest Fail Avocado Egg Rolls inspiration

What I Did: My boyfriend had these egg rolls from Cheesecake Factory and LOVED them. I saw the recipe on Pinterest and tried to surprise him. I went to buy “eggroll sheets” but could only find rice paper, so I assumed that would be the same thing. Nope. The rice paper didn’t cook and the egg rolls were all stuck together in an uncooked slimy mess

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Avocado Egg Rolls result

Next Time I Will: not make this again.

Pinterest Fail Avocado Egg Rolls storyboard


  1. Amanda

    The egg roll stuff is usually in the produce section. They are wonton wrappers.

  2. Pamela Chavez

    Next time roll your avocado egg rolls in corn starch before you cook them

  3. Tammy

    try spring roll wrappers next time and make sure your oil is good and hot.

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