Fail: Bunny Rolls

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Pinterest Fail Bunny Rolls inspiration


What I Did: I followed the directions to a tee. They came out looking like demons with horns.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Bunny Rolls result

Next Time I Will: I chose this project for Easter dinner. The whole family was doing Pinnterest-inspired pieces. I’m very good at crafts, and kind of a perfectionist. When these came out, I laughed so hard that I cried all morning. The family couldn’t talk they were all laughing so hard. This is definitely NOT my quality of doing anything. Total bust! I then watched the YouTube video on this. They came out the same!!!! And she said they were cute. I don’t think this is real life. I cannot think of anything that could make this work, besides Photoshop!

Pinterest Fail Bunny Rolls storyboard



    • V.

      Agree, huddling to keep warm on a chilly spring day.

  1. CakePlop

    I believe last time these came around someone found out that they were baked in a mould that gave them their cute rounded features rather than cut as the commonly pinned photos will have you think.

  2. Jessie

    Actually to be honest this is the best rendition of these rolls I have seen. Almost everyone ends up with devil looking creatures with burnt ears, myself included. Your bunnies may be chubby but they’re still super cute.

  3. Spade

    I had the same experience with my bunny rolls. I was thinking I should have let them rise longer so there was not as much expansion while cooking?

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