Win: Crepe Cake

Pin Reaper: Kelly H.

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Crepe Cake inspiration

What I Did: I had this crepe cake pinned on my Pinterest and hinted at my husband that I would love to have this special treat on my birthday. Weeks later, when my birthday came around, I had forgotten about this cake, but my husband didn’t. I came home from work and found him in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on my cake. As he presented it to me, the coconut cream frosting came melting off the top. He had a good laugh and said, “Happy birthday!”

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Crepe Cake result

Next Time I Will: change nothing, it was delicious! However, if I was giving it as a gift to someone else, I would make sure to be the one to make it.  🙂

Pinterest Fail Crepe Cake storyboard


  1. Persephone

    That’s so sweet that he surprised you with it! That alone makes this a win. It doesn’t look half bad either!

  2. Reem

    I would prefer his masterpiece because I think his consideration was too adorable 🌸

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