1. Junebug

    I never cooked over the flame of a campfire. What you do is push the coals to one side and place a grate over the coals, leaving enough space.

    I haven’t made campfire cones yet, but plan to this year. I think you just need to heat them up so they melt, not cook them.

    You don’t need full fire to cook anything

    • CakePlop

      When we did them in ours we scooted the coals over to one side and just used the residual heat for about 5 minutes to get everything gooey. An alternative could also be to put the pouches in one of those wire cage type things for making hobo pies and just hold them 1-2 minutes per side over the fire.

  2. Cathy Dodge

    We made these several times and they were great. You just have to wrap them well a and heat them on a grate until melted.

  3. ChloeJean

    A friend did these and aside from a few burnt spots they weren’t bad BUT the chocolate was super hot – I burnt my tongue on it and she had to wait quite awhile before giving to the children. She also decided next time less chocolate & more marshmallows. Or just make typical S’mores.

  4. AIP

    This is a win for me just from the “what went wrong”
    “It didn’t work” under a photo of what appears to be cone-shaped charcoal had me giggling!

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