Fail: Frankenstein’s Monster Cupcake

Pin Reaper: Brie

Original Inspiration:  

Pinterest Fail Frankenstein's Monster Cupcake inspiration

What I Did: The reason why I made this cupcake was because a girl I babysit for wanted a chocolate cupcake with green frosting and, well, it’s October so why would I not try to do something Halloween? Well, I was looking on Pinterest, stumbled across this, and thought this is going to be a piece of cake. Yes, the making of the cupcake and frosting was easy, but when came time to decorate it, things went downhill as you can see.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Frankenstein's Monster Cupcake result

Next Time I Will: This can definitely not be saved with the work materials I have. Maybe if I had the proper tools it would have came out better, but I didn’t so this will have to be a fail.

Pinterest Fail Frankenstein's Monster Cupcake storyboard


  1. Rem

    Yours looks more like a monster than the original. I bet the kids had fun though and they tasted good anyway.

  2. Jenny

    Were you drinking from the bottles in the background? 😉 Kidding, yours is adorable!

  3. Elle

    I love yours!!!

  4. Vivian

    Lack of decorating tips really was the reason but I don’t think little kids really care as long as they get to eat them!

  5. Kim

    Maybe it was the vodka!

  6. Lucy

    I think it looks kind of cute x

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