Fail: Mini Caramel Apple Bites

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What I Did: These caramel apple bites looked perfect at first. I dried off the apples thoroughly before dipping and then dipped them in ice water to help them set. I even left them in the freezer for an hour or so to make sure they’d stick, but when I took them out of the freezer, they turned into a pile of candied goo in less than an hour.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Mini Caramel Apple Bites result

Next Time I Will: I honestly don’t see how this could work without the apple skin to hold on the caramel. It might work with chocolate, though.

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  1. Sandy

    Have had that happen before. The melted caramel has to be COOL and thicken some before dipping the apples or other fruit. The fruit needs to be at room temperature too.

    It just takes some patience and practice. Okay, lots of practice.

  2. Readingishard

    The recipie states that the apple balls should be room tempature and NOT put in the fridge/freezer becasuse they’ll sweat.

  3. Katherine

    I honestly think the initial person dipped and ate these immediately like a fondue or something because its one of the most frequent fails I have seen…

  4. Kitty

    If you watch the Chew, I saw them making caramel apples, and they said you have to dip the apples, in HOT water to get the wax off the apples. That is why the caramel won’t stick.

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