Win: Fairytale Ruffle Cake

Pin Reaper: Katherine S.

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Fairytale Ruffle Cake inspiration

What I Did: My daughter insisted on a Cinderella birthday this year and this cake looked simple and perfect! We bought the topper on amazon and collected a variety of sprinkles for the top and baked away. This one has been the best of our cakes thusfar and everyone was very happy with it. We got nice flat layers by using “bakeeven” strips, froze the layers for a few hours to make it easier to dirty ice, and even baked a blue sheet cake to cut out stars from so there could be hidden blue stars on the inside (our addition). The stars turned out a bit light after baking and my ruffles weren’t quite straight but overall it was a simple cake that was VERY impressive!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Fairytale Ruffle Cake result

Next Time I Will: use more gel colour in the stars we put inside for a darker “surprise” when cutting into it. Use a bigger ruffle tip and mark out the lines for straighter ruffles.

Pinterest Fail Fairytale Ruffle Cake storyboard


  1. Mollie

    I disagree that this is a fail. I think it looks really good actually!

  2. Sandy

    Actually yours did not look like much of a fail, other than the perfect ‘ruffles’ (Which comes with practice) Your cake is much better that some cakes I have bought.

  3. Buttahp

    This is not a fail. You are awesome!

  4. Les

    I actually think this looks great!

  5. Claire

    Not a fail at all!

  6. leeann

    I think it looks pretty good. good job

  7. jseplis

    This looks good.

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