User Error: Glow Stick Balloons


Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Glow Stick Balloons inspiration

What I Did: We thought the glow stick balloons would look great for our outdoor Halloween party. We had so much to do on the day of the party, we apparently missed the glow stick “water” balloon description, and wound up with THIS fun display.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Glow Stick Balloons result
Next Time I Will: follow directions and add WATER. Oh and cut the grass too.

Pinterest Fail Glow Stick Balloons storyboard


  1. Kristine

    The original post on Yanko Designs isn’t water balloons, whoever pinned it was wrong. It’s Swarovski crystals in mesh bags with lights of some kind, but they don’t say what. Putting a glow stick in a water balloon will not look like the original picture, but now I’m kind of curious about what it would look like!

  2. PJ

    I used cheap white and black sheer pantyhose, white and clear balloons (round, not water balloons) and filled them with water and mini glow sticks in green and they came out just fine. When in doubt, improvise because nobody can do what they do on Pinterest.

  3. dragonflysister

    I have to say, the originals look a bit like used condoms.

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