Fail: Mahogany Low Lights

Pin Reaper: Jana

Original Inspiration:


Pinterest Fail Mahogany Low Lights inspiration

What I Did: The mahogany low lights bled into the blonde hi lights making my hair pink. We then bleach-washed the blonde which made the mahogany low lights turn pink.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Mahogany Low Lights result

Next Time I Will: wash the mahogany low lights by themselves before washing out the blonde.

Pinterest Fail Mahogany Low Lights storyboard


  1. LyndaDoesMyHair

    Yeah, combining dramatically different colors such as Bright Blond and ANYTHING Red will make rinsing tricky. I use cool water, rinse the darkest color first- leave blond in foil- and Then rinse blond. Take your time, and remember COOL water vs warm or hot.

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