Fail: Raspberry Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes

Pin Reaper: Chloe Barnes

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Raspberry Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes inspiration

What I Did: I was asked to bring in some cupcakes for a charity bake sale we were having at work. As a vegan, I thought I’d show my fellow colleagues that vegan food is just as good, if not better then standard baking. I searched for the most delicious, yet relatively ‘easy looking’ recipe, I could find on Pinterest. This particular recipe took my fancy. I ran out of fresh raspberries by the end, although to be honest if I had topped them off with the fruit I doubt it would have made much difference.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Raspberry Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes result

Next Time I Will: Next time I would probably aim to use an actual cupcake tray to bake them on, this might stop them turning out hilarious shapes. I would also add more icing sugar as the buttercream was, well, drippy. I would find a way to delicately sprinkle the raspberry buttercream on top of each cake.

Pinterest Fail Raspberry Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes storyboard


  1. Jack of Many Trades

    A proper cupcake pan would work for sure!!! Haha 🙂

    And making the icing thicker will also help, but you need to pipe the icing onto the cupcake to get that swirled look. It looks like they used a large round tip to do these ones, though a star tip would still be awfully cute ^_^

  2. Simona

    It also looks like you may not have let your cupcakes cool all the way. They have to be entirely cool or the icing will melt.

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