Fail: Fall Cake Or Monster Explosion?

Pin Reaper: Rachel

Original Inspiration:


Pinterest Fall Cake Or Monster Explosion? inspiration

What I Did: I was supposed to drizzle chocolate and caramel so that it drips down the side. I think I dumped too much caramel in the center and by the time the caramel oozed down, it also took the previous layer of chocolate with it, as well as the base frosting later. No matter what, there’s no saving this cake that now looks like Jabba the Hutt. I can’t even pass it off as a monster cake for Halloween.

My Result:

Pinterest Fall Cake Or Monster Explosion? result

Next Time I Will: Next time I should read about how to make chocolate and caramel drip off the side of cake without it becoming a lava avalanche that takes down the whole cake.

Pinterest Fall Cake Or Monster Explosion? storyboard


  1. Katherine

    That is a seriously high maintenance cake that requires some very detailed candy and temperature work and I salute anyone who has the bravery to take it on! The writer should probably insist that you use a candy thermometer as opposed to saying “10 to 15 minutes or until it reaches x temp.” Since the way the sugars in the sauces set are fully dependent on the temperatures the sugar reaches its a little unfair to a novice chef. Ganache is also a beast to get perfectly right. In almost 2 decades of baking I still have yet to perfect it!

  2. Buttahp

    I bet it still tasted divine!

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