Fail: Valentine’s Day Pancakes

Pin Reaper: Jenelle

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Valentine's Day Pancakes inspiration

What I Did: I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day so I took to Pinterest. I found something creative. This looked hard at first, but after reading the instructions I thought it could be done since I’m usually a fast learner. Well… That was not the case. I followed the directions to the final word, yet every time I tried to make the pretty pancakes they looked more like a depressing veiny heart! It was humiliating to present that for our romantic breakfast.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Valentine's Day Pancakes result

Next Time I Will: try using a bottle with a smaller opening on the tip, maybe?

Pinterest Fail Valentine's Day Pancakes storyboard


  1. Samantha

    That’s kind of awesome though because it does look like an actual heart, which is cool.

  2. Sandy

    Your pan was too thick, you need a shallow THIN pan, a crepe pan works for this because the pan is hot and the batter is cooking as soon as it hits the surface and it does not take long. Was a plastic squeeze bottle used? Was the batter thin? It takes practice too.

    I suck at making crepes, so I understand.

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