Fail: Brick Wall Amazingness

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Original Inspiration:


Pinterest Fail Brick Wall Amazingness inspiration
What I Did: 
Uuuugh – I loved the idea of this brick wall in my apartment. I saw this photo and it looked easy enough to do, so I got all the materials (these thin bricks are awesome) opened a bottle of wine (or two, or three – who am I kidding?!?!) and tried to recreate this masterpiece. I followed everything in the instructions – not sure what happened.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Brick Wall Amazingness result

Next Time I Will: Well, I’d line up the bricks properly this time. And maybe skip the wine! LOL!!!!1!! : )

Pinterest Fail Brick Wall Amazingness storyboard


  1. Kellie

    Yikes. That looks awful.

  2. Dora

    I don’t think it looks that bad…

  3. Tomas Servomoteur

    “I followed everything in the instructions – not sure what happened.”
    So… you used actual thin bricks where the original used faux brick wall panels? Yeah, a real head-scratcher, that.

    • B

      You must be fun at parties.

  4. Kristy

    The first one is wallpaper anyway.

  5. Lisa

    Just say it’s a secret door, and let people try figure out how to open it.

  6. Jlo

    Black grout would have looked better?

  7. Matt

    Just drink another 3 bottles of wine and it’ll look fine!

  8. Sandy

    I actually like yours better, and without the “white wash” too. You did good.

  9. CDC

    I hope you asked your landlord first? I deal with tenants every day and if I walked into one of my rentals and saw that it would be straight to the magistrate for an eviction.

  10. Elle

    Other than the Sense of Impending Doom I get looking at your wall, I really like it. It may not appear structurally sound, but its quite charming.

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