Fail: 1st Birthday

Pin Reaper: Michelle DeWyngaert

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail 1st Birthday inspiration

What I Did: I think I got the colors right, the execution just failed miserably. I originally wanted to go with a mustaches and bow tie theme, but the budget was to tight for my Pinterest aspirations, so I decided to stick with this color scheme.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail 1st Birthday result

Next Time I Will: I would have more time to set up. I put everything up in 30 minutes. And I would do a better job at site survey. The wall that we put everything on was supposed to be a push pin board and a staple gun would have worked better.

Pinterest Fail 1st Birthday storyboard


  1. Faith

    It may not be the pin-birthday of your dreams, but it’s cute!

  2. Jane

    Beautiful job! Inspired by the pin, not identical to it. Nailed it!

  3. Shawna

    Time is definitely key! 🙂 I never give myself enough time for setup so your “Fail” is usually what my own Pinterest-Inspired party decor looks like.

  4. Dani

    Friends of mine runs a bakery/papery business, and you need professional grade tools to create the cake and decorations in that original picture. As a matter of fact, that display looks like something they would put together. We can’t all be pros, and no way could I get a table set up like that! I thought your display was just fine. Well done anyway!

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