FailWin: Cloud Lamp DIY

Pin Reaper: Nicky

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Cloud Lamp DIY inspiration

What I Did: My three-year-old has developed a fear of the dark, so I wanted to make lights out more fun. I saw this project and thought I would give it a shot. SUPER easy! Use spray adhesive, not hot glue and you can make any size cloud you like! I wrapped the lights around the metal frames inside the lanterns to get a better distributed light pattern. That’s two bags of fluff. I’m going to add a third to really bulk them out nicely now that they’re hung. The spray adhesive is awesome for adding fluff on. I hear you can spray paint the fluff, but I haven’t tried it. Maybe round two to add depth of color when the lights are off.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Cloud Lamp DIY result

Next Time I Will: The long cloud is four lanterns strung together. You have to thread the lights through the deflated lanterns before you add the metal frames. That was an annoying redo. I had wrapped all the frames with lights first, then realized the lanterns wouldn’t fit over them like that without bending the frames.

Pinterest Fail Cloud Lamp DIY storyboard


  1. Kerry Day

    how is this a fail? more like a brag lol!

  2. Munch

    This is no fail, this is just win. 100% win.

  3. Jen

    You did a wonderful job, and I love this idea (may be cute for a baby shower, too?)!

  4. Mary Stone

    Am I the only one wondering about the heat and flammability of the materials? It looks cute, but is it safe for a child’s room?

    • Nicky

      It’s quite a bit later and my clouds are still holding up nicely.

      I used LED lights. No heat issues.

  5. J

    Add in some glitter and tiny white LEDs and you’ll have nebula lamps, WHOA.

    • Ehartsay

      Oooooh sounds amazing!! Maybe some small planets too!!

  6. jseplis

    I like it looks cool. Not sure why it is on the fail list.

  7. Elle

    It looks like some kind of hell-storm. Sweet nightmares kiddos!

    Its like Martha Stewart meets Morticia Addams.

  8. Anonymous

    Just imagine the sun to complete the set, you would have to turn that off at night but keep the clouds on. Lol

  9. Nathan

    I like the skull you put in the red one.
    Very Ghostbusters!

  10. Ehartsay

    I need the instructions please. The original DIY is MIA.

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