Fail: Sand Footprint Craft

Pin Reaper: Ariel Williams

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Sand Footprint Craft inspiration

What I Did:
There was sand everywhere. Firstly, my frames didn’t come with a cardboard inlay, so I ripped off the top to some boxes I had in the closet. Then my frames would not lay flat, but there is duck tape right? Well, it still wasn’t perfect. I went ahead and added the sand and made it perfect, that’s when it began to cover my floor. Then I grab my almost 9-month-old. Trying to take his foot print was harder than delivering him. He would jerk his foot and we would re-smooth. He would squeeze his toes and we would re-smooth. It was just awful. I almost gave up multiple times. Well, I eventually got two decent foot prints. Then I was like do I add the shells? So I did, than relied that was dumb. I had to REDO the footprints. There were tears and I think I said the ‘F’ word. I finally poured the plaster and felt okay. Then yeah… total sadness and fail – on my birthday too.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Sand Footprint Craft result

Next Time I Will: use way better instructions (i.e. instructions that include type of frame to buy, how to get it to lay flat, and when to add shells).

Pinterest Fail Sand Footprint Craft storyboard


  1. Stephanie

    Not sure why it wouldn’t stay flat but it definitly says that they glued on the shells after the plaster was poured and the excess sand removed. Definitely an outside craft! I wonder what the circumstances surrounding the plaster coming out of the frames and breaking was… Did you let it harden enough? Seems to me you should have just untaped the cardboard and let the sand come off, while the plaster stays in the frame.
    I have a beachy/ocean theme bathroom so I might try this with my newborn when s/he arrives.

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