Fail: Giant Snickers Ice Cream Bar

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Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Giant Snickers Ice Cream Bar inspiration

What I Did: A few days ago was my boyfriend’s birthday. I wanted to be sweet and make him something special. My boyfriend LOVES Snickers, so when I saw “How to make a Giant Snickers Ice Cream Bar with only 4 simple ingredients!!” I immediately went to the store to get the items I needed. I followed the instructions exactly. All was well up until the chocolate coating part. As I was pouring the chocolate on the top, the ice cream started to IMMEDIATELY MELT LIKE CRAZY! I tried to apply the last of the chocolate to the side with a spatula like shown in the video before he ice cream melted any further… but the spatula stuck to the chocolate and pulled the chocolate top off.  I tried to put it back on and re-smooth it all while the ice cream is melting and ended up with….this.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Giant Snickers Ice Cream result
Next Time I Will: I used a cake pan as the video said that was fine if you didn’t have a bar pan. I would use a bar pan so there is less surface area for the chocolate to melt on direct contact. I would also say to freeze it in the BACK of your freezer for at least 24 hours, not just 4-6. I waited 6 and this is what happened. :/
Pinterest Fail Giant Snickers Ice Cream Bar storyboard


  1. Rem

    They sell chocolate sauce in the grocery store that is designed to harden into a shell upon contact with ice cream. Perhaps in the future you could consider using that instead of making your own chocolate coating.

  2. Kelly

    yeah, I would suggest using Magic Shell

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