1. ktr

    It worked, you just did it backwards. Next time, the stencils should be of the letters themselves, not a stencil with the letters cut out. Then the letters will stay the original color of the garment and you won’t get the outline of your stencil.

  2. Storm

    You mis-spelled The Bears.

    • Ophelia

      Not everyone is cheering for your team.

  3. Jewels

    I know it doesn’t look like the original – but I rather like it! Lol!

    (That and I know damn well that I would have done the exact same thing!)

  4. abcadkins

    A friend of mine has made t-shirts like this and they came out just as cool as the Pin. I agree with using the letters as the stencils to “block” the bleach. That’s how she did them. But hey you have a unique piece of fashion! 🙂

  5. Devin Maesaka

    I like it just like that I should make a Seahawks one lol

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