Fail: Birthday Cake

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Pinterest Fail Birthday Cake inspiration

What I Did: I attempted to make a birthday cake by having each slice have a number in it. This was a huge fail! The numbers that I had previously baked crumbled when I put it in the second cake batter as mentioned in the instructions. Once I cut the cake into pieces to see whether it worked, instead of seeing a number it was just all a big mess! 🙁

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Birthday Cake result

Next Time I Will: I think next time when I pour over the second cake batter over the numbers I need to slowly place the cake batter over maybe use a spoon rather than directly pour it over the numbers, as it is heavy.

Pinterest Fail Birthday Cake storyboard


  1. Becky

    The original instructions say, and have photos, to slowly pipe in the batter around the numbers, not just pour the batter in.

    • Stephanie

      Yeah, I also have to wonder if she froze the numbers as directed either.

  2. Smiles the Bunny

    I personally couldn’t have done this, so cheers to you for trying!

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