Fail: 80 Birthday Candles Gone Wrong

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Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail 80 Birthday Candles Gone Wrong inspiration

What I Did: In planning our mother’s 80th birthday party, we put together a surprise party by inviting her family and some lifelong friends, serving appetizers along with a homemade, three-tiered Neapolitan chiffon cake that was hand-decorated by my sister (all inspired by Pinterest). The dining room was elegantly decorated with a light green frosting and a shell-like pattern on the sides that was topped with flowers from my garden. The theme was “simple elegance.” So, when it came time to decide on how to do the candles, we came across the following image on Pinterest with a bundle of candles held together by a ribbon. In thinking back, the picture did not show them lit, but the wicks had been used. The image of a softly light candle display could be seen in our mind’s eye. Reason told us this would be a cool thing, while kind of snickering that they were 80 candles. It was a perfect idea! In some ways, it was also a little reaction to the single large candelabra that donned our cakes growing up over the years. (our Mother was not exactly a Martha Stewart). Well, let’s just say the image of what happened says it all. Yet, she did try to blow them out while I was nervously thinking, “We’re gonna go up in flames!” We didn’t, but it took a large cooking pot to put the flames out.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail 80 Birthday Candles Gone Wrong result
Next Time I Will: DON’T TRY THIS!  It is a very real fire hazard.

Pinterest Fail 80 Birthday Candles Gone Wrong storyboard


  1. Jewels

    Okay, I shouldn’t laugh – but I am. I cracked up the instant I saw that picture.

    Best. Fail. (Yet.)

    • BooRad62

      It’s okay, we all laughed.

  2. AIP

    Glorious! 😀

  3. Elle

    Fabulous. And thanks for the warning, I totally would have thought the same glowing ambience thing.

  4. Dani

    Hahahahahahahahaha. Ahem. Sorry. I’m sure that was terrifying at the time. One of those things that’s funny later on after some time has passed. Thanks for sharing anyway!

    • BooRad62

      Naw, we were pretty much rolling from the start.

  5. Sam

    Was she actually scared? She looks scared…and her friends, they are backing up to the door. Thanks for the warning but that fire looks like a dancing goddess.

    • BooRad62

      Naw, she was laughing hard, on the verge of tears.

  6. lori

    This is my tribe…you are my people!

  7. Smiles the Bunny

    In my family this would be the desired end result. I can see it now, the men with their faces painted, the kids running around this in circles, everyone chanting, and the women holding fire extinguishers, praying that no one gets burnt. Imagine what family bonfires are like for us!!!

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