Fail: Queso Don’t

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Original Inspiration:

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What I Did: Was hoping to make my own queso for our taco night. I found all the right ingredients and followed the directions the best that I could. I started by burning the garlic and flour in the first 3 steps and it went downhill from there…

My Result:

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Next Time I Will: We think that maybe if we had used canned coconut milk it would have been better than the carton we used. It just never mixed fully together. The bottom was completely cheese and the top was totally watery.

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  1. Faith

    There’s a big difference between the canned coconut milk and the Silk coconut milk the recipe called for. So if you used the Silk that should have worked (you could substitute cashew or soy as well, if you want, for not too huge a variation in flavour).

    • CakePlop

      Also helps to not use pre-shredded cheeses as they are usually coated in starch, such as potato starch, and end up gunking up instead of melting. Had this ruin many a béchamel in the past.

  2. Lo

    I did not know that about the shredded cheese! Thanks!

  3. Jewels

    Exactly. Most shredded cheese actually has powdered cellulose in it to keep it from sticking together in the package.

    Yes, I said powdered cellulose. It’s also in most shakes. And almost all “dentastick” type dog treats. Yes, powdered cellulose really *is* ground up wood. From a tree.

    Lesson for the day – read the package, shred your own cheese – and again, read the package, even for the dog. I discovered my pup is highly sensitive to red food coloring, which lead to my reading all packages, which lead to serious horror on my part.

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