Fail: Skillet Pizza

Pin Reaper: Amy

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Skillet Pizza inspiration

What I Did: It was supposed to be a crust-less cheese pizza but the mozzarella stuck to my pan.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Skillet Pizza result

Next Time I Will: I’m not allowed to ever attempt this meal again. I really do just think it was my cheap skillet.

Pinterest Fail Skillet Pizza storyboard


  1. Kelly

    Try doing it in your microwave on parchment paper. I make the cheese crisps that way and they turn out great with no cleanup.
    It looks like the same principle.

  2. kari

    I’ve been on this site all day, as I’ve been home sick from work. Reading all these comments from different fails, this is the first one that truly made me laugh. OUT LOUD. it was the “I’m not allowed to ever attempt this meal again” that got me.

  3. Susan

    It looks like you used pizza sauce, but the recipe only called for cheese and pepperoni.

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