Fail: How To Print On Wood

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Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail How To Print On Wood inspiration

What I Did: So it seems simple… print your image on wax paper and apply to the wood. Well… I’m not sure how this is done, but I carefully fed my printer the wax paper and it it mauled it to death which resulted in jamming our computer. It took us 2 hours to take the printer apart and pull out every piece of wax paper. My husband was NOT happy with me. I wont be trying this again.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail How To Print On Wood result

Next Time I Will: I would try this on a $30 printer – maybe. This was a higher-end professional one, so maybe a cheaper one wouldn’t be as aggressive? lol

Pinterest Fail How To Print On Wood storyboard


  1. PrintMistress

    I work in a print shop. Printing on wax paper tends not to work well. You may try cutting a sheet of wax paper and affixing it to a sheet of cardstock, but this only works if you have an upright-feeding printer. Most home-use printers feed from the front to save space. Otherwise, I would not recommend this project (the wax will foul up the inside of your printer when it transfers onto the rollers which pull your normal paper). Decal or water slide transfer paper will produce a better result (similar stuff as temporary tattoos or the stuff used to make images transferred onto model cars).

    • AIP

      I would also wonder if they were using a laser printer, given the reference to “Hugh end”. Either way, selecting a coated paper option (such as matte finish photo paper() in the print menu will allow the printer to adjust the heat and ink levels accordingly. If it’s Lazer always use the upright/side feed as PrintMistress said, so it won’t get as hot. Or use her infinitely more useful suggestion.

      • Karen

        That would be very sad if she used a laser printer because I … wait for it … am the creator of the original post and in my post I very specifically say only use an inkjet printer and I can only guarantee this technique will work with my model of printer. Which I link to. Sad, sad little Pin. And printer now I imagine.

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