Fail: String Art

Pin Reaper: Ramona

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail String Art inspriration

What I Did: I was given twelve foam bases. I thought it would be cool to give each girl on my daughter’s softball team one with their team logo done in string art. Pinterest has several string art projects and it looked super easy. Well… obviously not as easy as it looks. So after one epic fail, I am still left with these foam bases. Any suggestions? I’ve already done a picture slide show for them, so I do not want to decoupage pictures on it, which was my first idea.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail String Art result

Next Time I Will: I used regular push pins in a foam base with embroidery thread. This would probably work a lot better with a wooden base and nails as the pins were not strong enough and the thread kept pulling the pins out of place.

Pinterest Fail String Art storyboard


  1. Cheryl

    String art requires A LOT more string that you realize. Your project was almost there. another thought is to use the inspiration literally and print out part of the effect desired.

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