Fail: Wall-e Cake

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Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Wall-e Cake inspiration

What I Did: My mother decided she wanted to make a Wall-e cake for my dad (after the movie came out, they started calling each other Wall-e and Eve). I promise you, my mother worked hard on this. She decided to not use fondant and try to make a grey color from buttercream…and it just turned blue. Then she had a hard time figuring out how to make his cute robot eyes.
When it came time to light the candles and wish my dad a happy birthday, the frosting was melting off the top and eyes were sliding off the toothpicks.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Wall-e Cake result

Next Time I Will: All-in-all, I think my mom should stick to making brownies. There is no rescuing this cake. She’ll leave the Wall-e cakes to the professionals.

Pinterest Fail Wall-e Cake storyboard


  1. MrsWatkins

    You Father must of appreciated your Mother’s effort! One heck of a try, Mom!

  2. Kerry Day

    omg that is SO SAD!

  3. El

    What is it about beautiful fondant cakes that compels people to (horribly) duplicate them with buttercream?

  4. Jen

    El, the answer is: they’re lazy.

    • Suzy

      more likely frugal or intimidated; fondant is expensive, and people can get daunted at the thought of sculpting with it. Funny to me because buttercream is actually much harder to manipulate as far as sculpture, but I think it’s just the devil people know…

      • Kris

        Actually a ton of people just plain do not like fondant

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