Fail: Nutella Surprise Cheesecake

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Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Nutella Surprise Cheesecakes inspiration

What I Did: I saw this link on a friend’s Facebook page. The recipe looked simple enough, so I decided to try it.  Major fail. The cream cheese layer looks so watery and it cracked after baking.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Nutella Surprise Cheesecakes result

Next Time I Will: probably need to use a double-baked method to ensure the cheesecake does not crack.

Pinterest Fail Nutella Surprise Cheesecakes storyboard


  1. Jewels

    Given some of the truly spectacular fails on here, this is an outright success – LOL! Bet they still tasted good, even if they weren’t quite as purty.

  2. Lauren

    When my cheesecakes crack, I just add ganache. Fills up the crack, creates a nice smooth topping and nobody is the wiser.

  3. Stella

    These barely look like fails lol! They cracked, and sunk, because they are over baked is all. Cheesecakes, pumpkin pies, and the like, are done when there is a little wobble left in the very middle.

    The YouTube video for the original recipe is great. They make everything without special kitchen tools. No Kitchenaid Mixers required. All you need are measuring cups, spoons, bowls, muffins tins, cupcake liners, and an oven.

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