Fail: Operation Gold Balloon

Pin Reaper: DC

Twitter: @dncoonan

Original Inspiration: 

Pinterest Fail Operation Gold Balloon inspiration

What I Did: I couldn’t find the exact brand of liquid gold leaf that was mentioned in the blog post, but I found a similar gold leafing product at a nearby craft store. I was only seconds into painting the balloon when it exploded and the liquid gold paint gave the community club room a bedazzling makeover. Round 2:
24 hours and a few chemical burns later, I purchased acrylic gold paint at the recommendation of the art supply store, as they expected it wouldn’t harm the latex balloon. The result? See for yourself.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Operation Gold Balloon result

Next Time I Will: 1. I might try this again with the specific brand of liquid gold mentioned in the post. – 2. I would do this outside in a grassy park. (I did, in fact, for round two.) I would tie all of the balloons to a chain link fence so they wouldn’t touch each other if wind is present. – 3. I would wear long sleeves, so I would be protected from the paint if the balloon exploded. – 4. I would not try to wash the paint off my skin with a magic eraser. #ouch #chemicalburns

Pinterest Fail Operation Gold Balloon storyboard


  1. Zandra

    You found a nice work-around and the end result is pretty. Doesn’t look like a FAIL though it may feel like one. Happy new year!

  2. Andrea

    Your results look good. The major difference is that you used a much larger brush than the original balloons.

  3. Elle

    I just love how the original pin shows this girl painting the balloon in her perfect skirt and white silk top. Sure. What could go wrong?

    • Spacegirl

      Her skirt was white when she started.

  4. Brigid

    This was a ride from start to finish.

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