Fail: Homemade Citrus Liqueur

Pin Reaper: Cheri

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Homemade Citrus Liqueur inspiration

What I Did: I followed the directions and concocted citrus liqueur that looks like pee, smells like embalming fluid and tastes like phenobarbital. The alcohol is so strong that you can probably run a car on it!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Homemade Citrus Liqueur result

Next Time I Will: never try this again, but I think I can still use it as a spray to deter bugs.

Pinterest Fail Homemade Citrus Liqueur storyboard


  1. Sam

    That’s the spirit! You have discovered a bug repellant. That’s how coke got discovered – through a mistake.

    • J

      Heh…”the spirit.”

  2. Andrea

    Infused liquor is always as good as the base of the alcohol. If you used a cheap vodka it will still be a cheap vodka (albeit one that is decidedly fruitier).

  3. Chloe

    Even if you use good vodka, those directions are terrible. Most spices and herbs only need a few hours to infuse, days would make them incredibly bitter.

  4. Lisa

    I am literally rolling on the floor.
    Best thing I’ve read all day!

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