Fail: Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Pin Reaper: Tracy Ann James

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Christmas Tree Cupcakes inspiration

What I Did: It started off great. The cupcakes were perfect. The cones placed well on the cupcake and then it was time for creativity to take over. That is when my dreams died.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Christmas Tree Cupcakes result

Next Time I Will:  just make regular cupcakes.

Pinterest Fail Christmas Tree Cupcakes storyboard



  1. PersephoneRules

    I think these actually still look pretty nice. If you’re looking for a more vibrant green, maybe use a gel coloring instead of regular food dye.

  2. Sam

    It is not exactly the same but it is close. Perhaps he used a smaller dispenser and brighter green. Over-all, good job though.

  3. Jake

    Not bad at all!!! I had to look back at what they were “supposed” to look like because yours are nice!

  4. Acelenasse

    Yours look good. It looks like your icing isn’t thick enough to pipe though.

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