Fail: Colorful Swirl Sugar Cookies

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Pinterest Fail Colorful Swirl Sugar Cookies inspiration

What I Did: My friend and I wanted to bake Christmas cookies. When I found this pin of the colorful swirl cookies, I was immediately intrigued. We followed the recipe of another pin for the dough, that promised that the cookies would hold their shape (which I thought was a good characteristic for a dough for this kind of project). We followed all the steps in both pins. Because my daughter baked with us, she got to pick the colors (green, orange and, of course, pink). But somewhere (no clue where) we must have gone wrong, because well… we failed miserably. The Cookies turned out to look like… unicorn-droppings.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Colorful Swirl Sugar Cookies result

Next Time I Will:  I have no idea. Maybe roll out the dough a little thinner? Maybe just use two colors instead of three? Cool longer? I really do not know.

Pinterest Fail Colorful Swirl Sugar Cookies storyboard


  1. stefanie

    It’s really important to (a). use the right dough and (b). chill, chill, chill the dough at every step. I use this recipe all the time, and they always turn out perfectly:

    You refrigerate the dough after you make the initial dough squares and then again once you roll them out. And then you refrigerate AGAIN once you make the logs of dough. This takes at least three hours of chilling, and I often leave mine overnight. If you do this in the future, I’d follow the timeline of this recipe, and I would use a dough recipe that is specifically for pinwheel cookies.

  2. J

    I’ve noticed that like 98% of all cookie fails are because the dough wasn’t chilled. So many cookies’ lives could be saved with that one simple trick.

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