Fail: Mini Cheesecakes

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Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Mini Cheesecakes inspiration

What I Did: This looked like a super easy, no-way-to-screw-it-up dessert. Haha; not so. I followed the recipe exactly. The only problem was “stirring until lump-free” became impossible because the more I stirred the lumpier it got. I thought maybe if I baked them anyway it would all be okay but this obviously did not work. I still have no idea what happened.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Mini Cheesecakes result

Next Time I Will:   ????

Pinterest Fail Mini Cheesecakes inspiration storyboard


  1. Susan

    First, the recipe should have told you to tamp the crust down, so it wouldn’t float up when you add the cheese mixture.

    Second, both your cream cheese and your eggs should be at room temperature, or you’ll never get the lumps out.

    Third, I hope you put the cherries on top and served them anyway – I bet they were delicious!

    • Sue

      Mine came out exactly the same way. Both eggs and cream cheese were room temperature and the “crust” was Nilla wafers and they floated to the top. I also have no idea what went wrong.

  2. Hermione

    Did you let the cream cheese get to room temperature?

  3. Stephanie

    As Hermione says, you need to soften the cream cheese by letting it sit out at room temperature, and then also beat it to loosen it up before adding the other ingredients. Try adding the ingredients one by one and mixing well in between, vs dumping it all together as the recipe says. I wouldn’t mix this by hand- use a mixer.

    • Sue

      I used fresh unrefrigerated eggs and the cream cheese sat on the counet for a few hours. I’m wondering if it’s because I put everything in together before mixing.

  4. Lurking

    Me thinks the baker might have stirred the cookies in ro the batter upon pouring, rather than spooning, into muffin cups?

  5. Danielle

    Did you bake it with the cherry pie filling ontop? If so that dried it out.

  6. Suzy

    The best trick I’ve ever learned for smooth cheesecake is SCRAPE THE BOWL, SCRAPE THE BOWL, SCRAPE THE BOWL!!! beat your cream cheese, scrape the bowl, beat it some more, scrape the bowl, add your sugar (mix your sugar with the corn starch if it’s in your recipe before adding it- that’ll prevent any starch lumps) slowly while the mixer runs on low, stop & scrape the bowl, whip it again, stop & scrape the bowl, add your sour cream a little at a time while it’s mixing, stop it halfway and scrape the bowl, add the rest of the sour cream, stop and scrape the bowl, add your eggs one at a time, scraping the bowl between each egg, and the flavoring… and you will have the SMOOTHEST cheesecake you’ve ever tasted. Tedious? Totally. Worth it? Absolutely.

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