FailWin: The Russian Sheep Bread Experience

Pin Reaper: Annamarie

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail The Russian Sheep Bread Experience inspiration

What I Did: I found this sheep bread inspiration on Pinterest when I was looking for Easter recipes. Unfortunately, the website was completely in Russian, and with no “translate this page” button I manually translated (copied and pasted the words into Google Translate) the recipe, and spent hours rolling those little spirals. Unfortunately, the nose fell off after a long struggle.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail The Russian Sheep Bread Experience result

Next Time I Will: Maybe choose a different dough? It rose a little too much and it wasn’t as sticky as I wanted but overall I was surprised it actually came out okay!

Pinterest Fail The Russian Sheep Bread Experience storyboard


  1. Faith

    Not too bad, for a first attempt and in a foreign language! It’s kinda cute.

  2. Frau_Mahlzahn

    It’s cute and well worth the effort. Congratulations, not an easy task, considering the circumstances!

  3. Lethia

    Aww that’s adorable! I don’t think that’s a fail at all, just a first attempt. ^_^

  4. Kelly

    It actually turned out rather well! I think you probably should use a generous egg wash to get the deep, shiny finish of the original

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