Fail: Colored Fruit Fiasco

Pin Reaper: Theresa Wynne

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Colored Fruit Fiasco inspiration

What I Did: It all started when I decided to host a baby shower for a friend. While researching party ideas, I came across the cute idea of coloring and freezing lemons or oranges and floating them in the punch. Well, that idea didn’t quite turn out as cute as I had hoped. The orange colored fruit looked like tomatoes. The green colored fruit looked moldy, and the blue colored fruit looked, well, just unnatural. The fruit slices froze in a big clump and by the time they melted enough to separate them, the punch looked like dirty dishwater. Tasted delicious, but not so appetizing.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Colored Fruit Fiasco result

Next Time I Will: If there were to be a next time, I wouldn’t choose blue, I would freeze the slices separately, and I would use a punch recipe that doesn’t call for sherbet.

Pinterest Fail Colored Fruit Fiasco storyboard


  1. Sali

    The original totally looks photoshopped. All the slices have exactly the same inside structure.

  2. Junebug

    Pretty certain the original pic is photoshopped.
    There is just something about the places where lemons overlap that don’t look right to me.

    • Belle

      If you look closer, you’ll see that each slice in the original pic are the same slice multiplied and recolored and arranged in an array. You can tell in the veins and highlights and shadows. They are all the exact same in each slice. Very definitely Photoshopped.

      • Junebug

        Good Catch! 🙂

  3. Stephanie

    Why do they need to be frozen? To replace ice cubes? the original post didn’t say anything about freezing them.
    Whether or not the pic is photoshopped, if you can find neon food coloring it would get you closer than classic colors.
    I think you’re definitely right about the sherbet punch. I’ve seen sherbet punch done very badly- a baby shower that was rubber ducky themed, they tried to do the bathwater punch which is supposed to be blue punch with white foam- but they used rainbow sherbet. So the whole thing just turned brown. Tasted good but looked disgusting!
    Maybe do a simple lemonade instead and dress it up with these lemons.

  4. Jasmin

    Looks like the coloring turned out fairly true to expectation, but that sherbet made it a bit “moldy” looking. I love the idea above of lemonade as a test. I bet it would be quite beautiful!

  5. Shi

    If you look at where the blue lemon overlaps the pink, it’s very obviously recolored and photoshopped to a T. This was unrealistic in the first place, so don’t feel bad!

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