Fail: American Flag Cake

Pin Reaper: Bennii

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail American Flag Cake inspiration

What I Did: I choose to alter the original directions by making the red layers a strawberry filling sandwiched between the white cake layers. My lack of cake decorating skills was evident when I added the third of four layers to the stack. The strawberry filling (which turned out more pink than red) oozed out and the cake layers began to slide off. I pinned them down with tooth picks and placed in the refrigerator in hopes the chilling would set the filling. Two hours later, I added the top layer with the blue stripe. The layer immediately broke apart and a cascade of strawberry filling and layers of cake careened to the counter. This picture is what was scooped into a bowl and beautiful layers showcased. You don’t see them? Ya, neither do I. This was a 4 hour train wreck that ended in a trip to the local bakery to replace the cake for a family reunion. Darn you Pinterest!

My Result:
Pinterest Fail American Flag Cake result

Next Time I Will: Just make a plain, one layer cake with strawberry icing. Don’t get fancy, it’s just family! At least my kids will get to enjoy cake all week. Unfortunately, I don’t even like strawberry!

Pinterest Fail American Flag Cake storyboard


  1. Dalie

    ” I choose to alter the original directions…” yeah.. that’s why

  2. Jessica

    There is so much wrong with this. First, your layers have to cool completely before icing, I would even recommend freezing them. Second, that isn’t the right icing, you need a good thick, stiff buttercream. It could also be strawberry, but please follow a recipe in making it instead of just throwing strawberries in buttercream. (Although it looks like that is canned frosting, which should never be used if you want your cake to stay standing.) Third, you need a cake that will hold up, and not be crushed under the weight of the layers, I’m guessing you used boxed cake mix. And last, that is fondant on the outside. I’m hoping you just hadn’t gotten to that step when your cake fell apart, and you weren’t planning on decorating it with icing.

    • Suzy

      That’s definitely not covered in fondant- the stars are fondant accents, but the rest of that is just a thick layer of buttercream. Either way it’s clear the fail never got to that point

  3. AA

    ” I choose to alter the original directions by making the red layers a strawberry filling sandwiched between the white cake layers.”
    There are no white cake layers. The picture shows red cake layers and cream cheese icing layers. Unless you meant you were replacing the actual cream cheese icing layers with a strawberry filling?

    When making a complicated recipe such as a multilayer stacked cake, it is always best to follow the original as closely as possible.
    If you’ve never made a multi-layer cake before, start with single layer cakes, then move to double layer cakes. Don’t move on until you’ve mastered double layers.

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