Fail: Caramel Apple Pie Cookies

Pin Reaper: Rachel

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Caramel Apple Pie Cookies inspiration

What I Did: I made my pie filling and caramel from scratch instead of using jarred and canned. How the hell did she stop it from melting out of the cookies?

My Result: Pinterest Fail Caramel Apple Pie Cookies result

Next Time I Will: make less of everything and include whatever chemicals in the canned pie filling stop it from moving.

Pinterest Fail Caramel Apple Pie Cookies storyboard


  1. Munch

    Perhaps this could be saved a little by putting a “ring” layer on top of the bottom piece, like what they do with piñata cookies – so cut 2 rounds out, and then on one of them use a smaller cutter to cut out a circle in the middle. Creating sort of a wall for the filling to maybe not spill out over…

    I think also with the pre-made apple filling, it’s automatically gloopier and the apples are smaller, so maybe try cutting the apples a bit smaller and cooking them til they’re a bit softer?

  2. Stephanie

    I think cut your apples a lot smaller, and use way less filling. make sure you really cook the filling down and cool it before trying to make the cookies. If it looks too juicy, drain off some of the liquid or thicken it with a bit of cornstarch maybe. Also, get bigger pans for your silpats- they look all crunched up so it looks like your cookies aren’t sitting flat, making it easier for the filling to spill out.

  3. pinktigerlily

    Ooh I’ve made this before and the trick is to use less filling and cut around the edges after it’s baked.

  4. Vferg

    My mom and I made these a few week ago. they turned out pretty good, they did run so yeah you have to kind of cut around them when they are done. also make sure to make the lattice small and kind of tight or you will kind of lose it when you cut the circles

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