Fail: Easy Ponytail Twist

Pin Reaper: Deena Jeanette

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Easy Pony Tail Twist inspiration

What I Did: I saw this hairstyle and thought I could easily do it without being able to see the back of my head. Haha, was I ever wrong! And believe it or not, that picture was my second attempt.

My Result:
Pinterest Fail Easy Pony Tail Twist result

Next Time I Will: I do think I could have done the hairstyle a little neater if I had done it on someone else’s hair.
Pinterest Fail Easy Pony Tail Twist storyboard


  1. Jewels

    Look up “cute girls hairstyles” on YouTube. They have hundreds of videos on braids, twists, updos, etc, all with (actually) easy to follow directions, and about how long each would take to do, as well as how hard it is – realistically. (Their website had them sorted by time, style, occasion, etc, but I don’t know if they kept it updated once they moved to YouTube. I believe so, though.)

  2. T

    I tried this hairstyle as well, because the style on the model looked great! However, I think my issue (and probably yours) was that we have thinner hair than the model. Her hair was thick enough to hold the “flip” and cover the elastic evidence.

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