User Error: Brownie S’mores Pie

Pin Reaper: Nicole

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Brownie S'mores Pie inspiration

What I Did: *See red circle.  Flames – Panic – Terror!  ‘Nuff said. Why did I choose this project? It was an effort to surprise a co-worker on her birthday. Did I change anything from the inspiration link? No. Unless not paying enough attention to directions counts as a change.

My Result:
Pinterest Fail Brownie S'mores Pie result

Next Time I Will: PAY ATTENTION TO DIRECTIONS! I would say this project could likely be saved… unless you forget you’ve doused it with water. Like me.

Pinterest Fail Brownie S'mores Pie storyboard


  1. Jewels

    I literally LOL’d at this one. Certainly something that I would do.

    I once screwed up boxed key lime bars though, so that’s not saying much! Three packets: the filling, the key lime flavor, and the crust. You put the key lime and the filling together with an egg and some milk, and in another bowl, the crust with some water and melted butter, mix them each, then put crust in pan, add topping, and bake. Easy, right?

    I – somehow – got mixed up and put the key lime flavor in the crust, not the filling. It didn’t taste bad, perse, but it was definitely strange. (In my defense, I was watching six kids, five of them boys between the ages of 8 months (the only girl) and 10 years. So I was a wee bit distracted…lol.

  2. Jake

    Both the original post and the comment on it made me laugh. Ahh, I am so glad to know that I’m not the only one who occasionally fails at simply following the instructions.

    “What the… this can’t be right, is it? NO! It’s not! What moron wrote these directio… Oh. I misread. Sigh.”

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