Fail: Pretty? Deviled Eggs

Pin Reaper: Jennifer phelan

Original Inspiration:

Pinterst Fail Pretty? Deviled Eggs inspiration

What I Did: The recipe was a disaster, for piping and colors ranged from bark brown to slate grey. I thought it would make a beautiful brunch for the egg hunt, but I got a disaster. Taste is good at least

My Result:

Pinterst Fail Pretty? Deviled Eggs result

Next Time I Will: not dye yolks ️spring green,  use less mayo with yolks, and will try 1 drop of food color in each cup for shorter time. Some of the nicer colors were left in for just 1 minute.

Pinterst Fail Pretty? Deviled Eggs storyboard


  1. Sheila

    The yolks are a little iffy, but the eggs themselves are pretty.

  2. Stephanie

    They aren’t TOO bad, actually. I would use a mustard with the yolks instead of mayo (tastes better, especially honey mustard, plus you get a nicer color).

    If you want to do a really pretty deviled egg, do the egg marbling trick (where you crack the shell before putting them in egg dye). It looks really cool!

  3. AA

    Looks like guacamole eggs.

  4. Kizlit

    Ive made dyed deviled eggs the past few years now. Use neon dye, just a few drops, and dip the egg white in it for just a few seconds. 🙂

  5. Jen

    I think yours look fine! Making the swirls using a pastry bag and tip would have dressed these right up.

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