Fail: Floating Canopy

Pin Reaper: Jenny B.

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Floating Canopy inspiration

What I Did: I was looking for an artistic/unique look for my daughter’s summer outdoor wedding. I gave this floating canopy a trial run (spent $25 on supplies), & decided to abandon ship after seeing my pathetic creation.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Floating Canopy result

Next Time I Will: not attempt this again. Clearly, this is not an endeavor for the common people.

Pinterest Fail Floating Canopy storyboard


  1. me

    In this case, bigger *is* better.

  2. AA

    Your little trial run doesn’t look bad. It’s just small. Naturally you’d need tons more material for the real one, and more people to help. This is at least a two person job.

  3. Danielle

    The outdoor balloons are tied onto a fishing line and has the silks draped over it

  4. Ava

    I don’t think I could pull that off I am going to try that.

  5. J

    That fabric looks like tulle or chiffon, and it’s just not going to drape like the original. Other than that, good test run. I think this would work with a more supple fabric like silk, but that much silk would be hella expensive.

  6. Tracy

    You are not that far off. In essence it wasn’t a fail. Outside your balloons would go much higher, therefore you fabric would also be higher. I think larger balloons would also make the difference, like the punchy balloons we all loved as a kid. It is funny that I found this, as this is exactly what I wanted to do for my August wedding.

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