Win: Teacher Survival Kit

Pin Reaper: Katherine

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Teacher Survival Kit inspiration

What I Did: I made my friend, who was graduating with a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, a “Teacher Survival Kit” based on a blog post I saw on Pinterest. The Teacher Survial Kit turned out really well and I had no issues with making it like the one on Pinterest! I didn’t include all of the items suggested in the blog post (didn’t include the coffee cup) because of space constraints, but it still looked great. I would say this was a Pinterest Epic Win for sure!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Teacher Survival Kit result

Next Time I Will: I don’t think I would do anything differently next time. I think it came out really well and I am very pleased with the results. This is definitely something others can easily recreate.

Pinterest Fail Teacher Survival Kit storyboard


  1. Jewels

    It’s very cute – you did a great job.

    One thing; you know that this is the site for Pinterest *fails*, yes? As in attempts at projects that did *not* tum out right. Many, in fact, are spectacular failures, turning out so unlike the parent project that one often wonders if they were using the same directions.

  2. Marie

    You just need to put something underneath the items. Like bunched up tissue paper or that Easter grass. It will show the items better by raising them up. We do that with fruit baskets at my store.

    • AA

      That’s a good idea. It still turned out nice.

  3. Elle

    Not an “epic win” but it looks nice. Throwing stuff into a basket isn’t hard. Use tissue like another commentator said if you want it to look put together.

  4. LWTX

    was this submitted just to show off? I don’t understand why you would upload this to PinterestFails if it wasn’t a failure.

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