Fail: Beth Moore Hair Fail

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Pinterest Fail Beth Moore Hair Fail Inspiration

What I Did: I wanted to curl my hair overnight, so I followed the directions on that pin and I woke up looking like Bob Ross.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Beth Moore Hair Fail result

Next Time I Will:  Just… No.
Pinterest Fail Beth Moore Hair Fail storyboard


  1. Jane

    I tried this too and thank goodness have no pictures…same result! Maybe not such a good idea for fine hair- OR- try bigger chunks of hair to twist and not tight to the scalp. Or-never again!

  2. Jewels

    If either of you are feeling brave, I have a few suggestions.

    One: check YouTube for “view girls hairstyles”. They have how-to videos on every braid, twist, updo, knot, ponytail, no-heat curl, and combination thereof that you could imagine.

    Two: Per CGH:

    -Let the hair dry slightly til it’s just damp.

    -Spritz it with your preferred curl enhancer and comb through. (You can use mousse or hair spray if you don’t have curl enhancer – just not the strong hold stuff, or they’ll be crunchy.)

    -Do the twists.

    -In the morning, don’t attempt to brush or comb them (which is what happened here I suspect.) Unpin them, shake them loose, then very gently separate them into smaller ringlets using *ONLY* your fingers. No comb or brush should touch your hair that day.

  3. AA

    Now you need to do a youtube vid where you’re painting and speaking in a calm voice…

    • Danielle

      YES!!! LOL!!!

  4. lhimalcolm

    HAHAhAHAHAHAHahahahahahaHAHAHAHAAH!!!! OMG I love your smile at your fail, though. Awesome!!! 😀

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