1. Munch

    I don’t see how that’s a fail…. you just need to tease and adjust some of the tuck ins, so they’re not quite as smooth and uniform as you have them…

  2. Holly

    The hair around the headband is tucked in too perfectly. The woman in the photo has pieces tucked in at different angles, adding more texture. Also, the hair on the sides of the head need to be tucked in a little more. That way, the head still has a shape and it doesn’t look like a big hair halo.

  3. Fran

    Actually I thought your picture was the one used on Pinterest. Your picture came out great I don’t understand how this was a fail?

    • sephora

      So did I. I thought the actual fail would be a lot worse

  4. Ana

    Same. This one looks pretty?! I don’t get how it is a fail at all.

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