1. Shannon

    HaHa! I tried this also and mine looked exactly like yours. All I had was a puddle of caramel and bare mini apples!!!

  2. Kizlit

    The issue is that the caramel wont stick to the wet surface of the apple. I want to make these as well but I just don’t think it works.

    • Danielle

      dry it with paper towel it should be okay

  3. Holly

    Candy is tough because you need a candy thermometer. You have to be absolutely precise when making candy. It’s so hard!

  4. abcadkins

    dry the apple, then dust lightly with corn starch. it will absorb any residual juice (because yes, the apples will continue to “leak”). still not foolproof; some may not work out properly… but that should help.
    also, has anyone tried this using the caramel “wraps”? could cut a circle and mold it around the apple piece maybe, after the corn starch.

  5. J

    I have yet to see a successful attempt on this one.

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