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What I Did: I mixed up my ingredients and placed the cake batter into the first mould. I then put the second mould on top and stuck these in the oven. I was a bit dubious that they wouldn’t work, especially as I wasn’t able to check on them or see how they were rising After about 20 minutes, I took them out and let them cool. I removed the mould and to my wonder, I was left with cake balls! They didn’t actually look TOO bad. When the cake balls had cooled off, I prepared my coating. For this, I melted white chocolate and added green food colouring as I wanted them to look like mini watermelon balls. I then stuck my cake balls onto the sticks, and dipped them into the chocolate. This is where it all when horribly wrong. The sponge just fell off the sticks. I was left with a big gloopy lumpy mess. It was all going so well too!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Watermellon Cake Pops result

Next Time I Will: Perhaps I should have chilled my balls before I coated them? Perhaps the chocolate didn’t melt enough? All I know is that my lovely cake balls were ruined. They look horrible. I wouldn’t feed them to my dog (although I can confirm they didn’t taste too bad).

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  1. Stefanie

    There’s unfortunately a huge difference between the actual recipe and what you did. Actually, make that two huge differences, and they both affected your outcome. They made cake pops the traditional way: bake a cake, let it cool, crumble it up and mix with something like frosting or cream cheese to form the “dough”. Then make the balls out of that dough and chill. This makes the pops a completely different texture than just baking them in a mold, which is important for getting them to stay on the stick while dipping.

    The second big difference is that they used melting wafers instead of straight up white chocolate. If you use chocolate, you will need to add something like oil to get the consistency right and not have the chocolate seize up. Those melting wafers are perfect for making cake pops.

    Another tip is to dip the bare stick into the melting candy to coat the end, and then insert it into the cake pop (before dipping). Let it harden, and then dip the whole thing. This helps the cake pop adhere to the stick before dipping.

    • Christie

      I definitely learned from the experience. Thank you for the tips! I have since used candy melts instead of chocolate and have been able to make successfall balls!

  2. Katherine

    Heeheeehee Chilled Balls….I’m such an infant.

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