Fail: Chocolate Lover’s Dream Cake

Pin Reaper: CLS

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Chocolate Lover's Dream Cake inspiration
What I Did: I have no idea. Seriously, not a clue. No matter how many times I read the directions I’m at a complete and utter loss.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Chocolate Lover's Dream Cake result

Next Time I Will: Easy – never baking again!

Pinterest Fail Chocolate Lover's Dream Cake storyboard


  1. AA

    The recipe has a lot of expensive packaged ingredients in it. I used to follow Betty Crocker, but the website is dedicated to selling their packaged products and they are not really necessary to bake well.

  2. Jessica

    I think maybe you didn’t coat your pan right. You need to use either baker’s joy or butter the pan and sprinkle it with flour for a cake to come out right. And when it says generously, GENEROUSLY spray the pan. I’d also cool it longer than 10 minutes, more like 30. And when you turn it upside down, try putting the plate on top of the pan and then flipping it. I find that much easier than trying to quickly flip it before the cake falls.

  3. Michele

    I looked at the original pin and the proportions are way out of whack.

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