Fail: Monster Smiles

Pin Reaper: carrotcurry

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Monster Smiles inspiration

What I Did: I decided to do these apple smiles for a friend’s kid for Halloween. Simple enough right? I thought I would make them better by using caramel so the marshmallows would stick. That just helped everything slide off.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Monster Smiles result

Next Time I Will: use Peanut butter instead of caramel and dry the apples really well!

Pinterest Fail Monster Smiles storyboard


  1. Holly

    Put a little lemon on the apples so they don’t brown. Pat them dry and put creamy peanut butter on them. Or even better, almond butter. It sticks better than peanut butter for some reason.

  2. CDC

    Yours doesnt creep me out like the original one does….

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