Fail: How To Get Naturally Curly Hair

Pin Reaper: Aubrey Emerson

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail How To Get Naturally Curly Hair inspiration


What I Did: I was sick of using heat to get pretty curls in my hair, so when I saw this pin, I wanted to try it right away. That night I followed the instructions step by step dividing my hair into sections, rolling them into little buns and fastening them with bobby pins. However, my hair is much thinner and shorter than the girl in the picture’s hair so I couldn’t make as many buns and they were smaller than hers. So, I get up the next morning and take the buns out, and viola…crazy, kinky frizzy curls everywhere!! At least it made for a good laugh across Facebook that day! I did end up pulling it back into a cute half up-do later and it kind of worked. Kind of;)

My Result:
Pinterest Fail How To Get Naturally Curly Hair result

Next Time I Will: I think this pin works better on longer and thicker hair, so maybe I would just try this on my sister’s hair next time. 😉

Pinterest Fail How To Get Naturally Curly Hair storyboard


  1. Ashley Clevenger

    I don’t think it looks that bad Aubrey. Ypu could fix it up a bit.

  2. Alaina

    Your hair looks pretty close actually! This is an old, retro technique called “pin curls” or “rag curls”, although with this pin this person uses heavy buns instead of small rolls or twists used in pin or rag curls. Rag curls may work better with shorter, thinner hair, and also more comfortable when sleeping. Also try coating hair in gel before twisting or ragging – a retro lady from the 40s would use setting lotion, which is still available.

  3. Jessica

    My sister has curly hair that looks just like yours did after you rolled it. She uses dabs of conditioner just to reduce the frizz and set up the curls.

  4. Lisa

    My hair actually IS naturally curly, and if I don’t dry it straight, it looks a lot like that. You didn’t fail, it just takes a little work to learn how to style it.

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